There are several different places to meditate on Colby’s campus, here’s a collection of some of them.

Rose Chapel: Rose Chapel is a smaller branch of Lorimer Chapel, the main chapel. There is a sitting room with cushions, benches, and chairs for meditation. The sitting room is almost always open, and students are encouraged to meditate there, even when there are no official meditation sessions going on. However there are other student organizations that use Rose Chapel as well, so please be mindful. Currently, all of the meditation sessions are held in Rose Chapel. When facing the front of Lorimer Chapel (as shown below), Rose Chapel is the left, smaller building attached to the main chapel.


Pictured below is the front door to Rose Chapel. Upon entering, the sitting room is directly to the left. If the front door is locked, there is a green door on the left side of the building that can reach the sitting room as well.

photo 1

rose chap3

Johnson Pond Benches: There are several benches scattered around Johnson pond that can be fantastic for a quiet, secluded, nature meditation. Though the experience is often more comfortable during the warmer months of the year.



Paul J. Schupf Wing Vestibule (Museum of Art): The space is an anteroom to the Alex Katz Collection and provides a quiet and contemplative place with a picturesque view of the courtyard.


The Arboretum: The arboretum, both upper and lower areas, can be a great, peaceful place for walking meditation and contemplation. Once again, the warmer months are ideal.


arbo pano