Upcoming Mindfulness Meditation Series

Check out the mindfulness-based series below offered by Nancy Hathaway of School Street Yoga in Waterville:

Eight Week Series with Nancy Hathaway

April 7 – May 26
Mondays, 6-8 pm, and on May 18 from 11 a.m to 5 p.m.
Fee:  $500 for 8 week training

“Finding peace in a stressed-out, digitally dependent culture may be just a matter of thinking differently.” So reads the opening lines in a Jan. 23 Time magazine article titled The Mindful Revolution. If you’ve been hearing about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, here’s your chance to see what all the buzz is about. We are pleased to offer this series developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, known as  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). This class is an opportunity for beginners to learn meditation techniques or for practitioners to deepen an established meditation practice.

For those who would like to move into a deeper practice or just learn more about meditation, join Nancy Hathaway in her next meditation course being held at School Street Studio. Nancy has 40 years of experience and has taught several students in our community.

Learn more about Nancy at her website:  nancyhathaway.com/  To sign up call 207-330-1450 or email us.


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